Complete Guide for SEO Beginners

What is the first thing you need to get an idea? What is the first thing you think when you are facing a problem? What’s the first thing you think of when you want an idea or facing a challenge – your first preference is always Google.

So it’s the fact that every business needs to be present on Google’s first page to scale up their business. As there is millions of opinion for the business to get good potential clients for your business good SEO is important.

Search Engine Optimization SEO is the most essential element for marketing online for every website to rank on google. SEO is a process to visible your website on a google page on top to acquire your potential clients.

Google helps your website to rank on the first page of Google with the help of search keywords. And by doing successful SEO you can rank on Google’s first page. 

Long back it was much simpler to rank on google with your website, but now it’s difficult it requires lots more effort. Nowadays there more aspects involved in doing SEO with lots of competition.

It has come to become a sort of mandatory marketing tactic if you want your website to be found through search engines like Google.

Let’s start to know how does SEO works. It’s just an evolved form of classified. Where a user searches on google a particular keyword and thousands of websites appear on google relevant to the keywords.

As of today, more than 30+mn  websites are registered on the internet. And 90% or more users rely on the internet for their search query before directly going to any website. 

More than 85% of people trust google to gone on google for their search query and 90% of people click the website they see that’s on the first page of google.

And Also these people who visit on google are crucial to the business because they also are looking for some offers and promotions. So if they are landing to our website they are very likely to get converted for the business as a lead or a sale.

That’s where SEO comes into the picture, it helps us to rank our website on google. It also helps the website to rank better, so that you don’t lose potential clients. 

So how do you make sure that your website is on the first page?  It is essential for us to know how a search engine determines your position and what we can do to improve it.

Long back it was the keywords that are used for search and the keywords that are present on the website that only decided the ranking for the website. But now if the websites keywords and the searched terms have relevance that decided the ranking of the website. It still looks with good keywords that are relevant and have a good number of backlinks. So this helps google to better understand your website and google trust it.

The search listing that is constantly searched by the user on the web is known as ‘Organic’ or ‘Natural’ traffic.

         SEO might seem tricky and hard, but it can take a long process and practice. We need to avoid unwanted clutter and we want our website to rank on top and getting better results in terms of Sales and Conversion.

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